Galina's BBQ

11399 Keele St Unit 7

Maple, QCL6A 4E1



Opening Hours

  • MonClosed
  • Tues - Wed11.30am - 7pm
  • Thu - Sat11.30am - 8pm
  • Sun11.30am - 6pm

Galina’s BBQ | Menu

Dine-In Menu

To start

Mini Fritura

Chouriço à Bombeiro

Hot or Mild Sausage

Calamari Rings

Camarão da Casa

House Shrimp w/ a rich Wine Sauce

6 Rissois

6 Galina's patties; Cod, Chicken, Tuna, Shrimp & Beef

Mexilhão da Casa

Galina’s Mussels




Mista | House or Caeser​​​​

Grega | Greek

Salada de Feijão | Mixed Beans

Kids menu

3pc/5pc Chicken Fingers w/ French Fries

Pasta W/ Tomato Sauce OR Butter

Grilled Chicken Cutlet w/ French Fries

5 OZ Steak W/ French Fries

Chicken entrees

Barbecue or Rottisserie

Served with two sides of your choice:
Rice, Parisians potatoes, French Fries, Vegetables OR a Salad

Two Whole Chickens

(serves up to eight)

One Whole Chicken

(serves up to four)

Half Chicken Dinner

Quarter Chicken Dinners

White l Breast Meat
Darkl Thigh Meat

Asas De Frango l Chicken Wings

11pc & homemade Fries Topped w/ Hot, Mild OR BBQ Sauce

Peitinhos de Frango Grelhados l Grilled Chicken Cutlets

Gravy w/ Mushrooms OR House Sauce (Hot/Mild)


Meat entrees



10 Oz AAA Angus Steak w/ An Egg & Homemade Fries

Bife à Casa / House Steak

12 Oz AAA Angus Steak w/ An Egg & 12homemade Chips

Bife com Camarão Grelhado / Steak w/ Grilled Shrimp

10 Oz AAA Angus Steak w/ Grilled Shrimp & Homemade Chips

Fish entrees

Bacalhau Cozido/ Boiled Cod

Served w/ Boiled Potatoes, Chickpeas, Carrots & an Egg

Polvo Grelhado/ Grilled Octopus

​​​​​​Served w/ Boiled Potatoes & Vegetables

Bacalhau da Casa / House Cod

Fried Cod Served w/ Homemade Potato Chips

Robalo Grelhado/ Grilled Seabass

Served w/ Boiled Potatoes & Vegetables

Bacalhau Grelhado/ Grilled Cod

Served W/ Boiled Potatoes & Stir-Fry Vegetables

Garoupa Grelhada/ Grilled Grouper

​​​​​​Served w/ Homemade Potato Chips

Salmão Grelhado/ Grilled Salmon

Served w/ Boiled Potatoes & Stir-Fry Vegetables

Filete de Peixe/ Fillet-O-Fish

Served W/ Boiled Potatoes & Stir-Fry Vegetables

Lulas Grelhadas/ Grilled Squid

Served W/ Boiled Potatoes & Stir-Fry Vegetables

Pescada/ Whitting Fish​​​​​​

Served w/ Parisienne Potatoes & Vegetables


Massa com Marisco/ Seafood Linguini

Linguini w/ Portuguese Mussels & Shrimp

Arroz de Marisco/ Seafood Rice

Shrimp, Crab, Mussels & Clams (Serves 2)

Combinado de Marisco/ Seafood Mix

Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Mussels and Clams (Serves 2)

Catering menu


Assorted galina's patties


Calamari Rings


Grilled Portuguese Sausage(Hot/Mild)


CHICKEN (Frango)

Whole BBQ (Frango na Grellha)


Rottisserie Chicken (Frango No espeto) HALAL  


Grilled Chicken Cutlets (Bifinhos De Frango Grelhados)  


Chicken Parmesan Cutlets  




Breaded Chicken Cutlets(Bifinhos de frango Panados)


MEATS (Carnes)

Grilled Steak Cutlets 5 oz(Bifinhos de Vaca Grelhados)


Veal Parmesan


Roast beef with Gravy & Mushrooms 


PORK (Porco)
BACK RIBS (Entrecosto)

Full Rack


Half Rack


Pork Cutlets (Febras)





Oven Roasted(Assado No Forno) 


Cod Fish (Bacalhau)

Grilled / Fried or Oven Roasted (Bone in)

(Grelhado, Frito ou Assado no forno)

Fried Or Oven Roasted (Boneless)

(Frito ou Assado no forno sem osso)


Grilled Salmon (Salmao Grelhado)

Grilled Sea Bass (Robalo Grelhado)

 Grilled squid (Lula Grelhada)

Fried Red Snapper (Peixe Vermelho)

Grilled horse mackerel (Carapau Grelhado)

Fried sticklebacks (Chicharros Fritos) 

Sardines (Sardinhas)

Grouper (Garoupa)

Fillet-O-Fish (Filete de Peixe)



S (8-12)

M (15-20)Lg shallow (22-30)Lg deep (32-40)XLG (40-50)

Parisienne Potatoes


Vegetables | Vegetais


Rice | Arroz


French Fries | Batata Frita


Salads (Saladas)



MLg shallowLg deepXLG

Garden/Caeser | Mista/Caeser


Greek | Grega



Pastas (Penne)



MLg shallowLg deepXLG

Tomato Sauce




Chicken / Frango


Rose Sauce


Primavera / Vegetables


A La Vodka


Seafood Linguini ( Shrimp and Muscles)


Meats (Carnes)

24 Hours Notice


Lg shallowLg deep

Chicken A Braz | Galinha À Braz


Alentejana | Pork w/ Clams



XLG Trays Available

COD (Bacaihau)

24 Hours Notice


MedLg shallowLg deep
With Cream | Natas


A Gomes de sa


A Braz




XLG Trays Available

Seafood (Marisco)

24 Hours Notice



Lg shallow

Lg deepXLG

Seafood rice | Arroz De Marisco






Roasted Octopus | Polvo Assado

Market Price

Shrimp | Camarao

Per lbs

Seafood mix | Combinado De Marisco

Market Price

Crab | Carangueijo

Market Price

 All Prices Are Subject To Change Due To Market Price

HST Not Included

Party combos

New! Minimum 3 Hours Notice

4 Chickens (10- 12 People)​​​​​

2 Small trays (Rice, Potatoes, French Fried or Penne w/ Tomato sauce)

6 Chickens (16-20 People)

2 Medium trays (Rice, Potatoes, French Fries or Penne w/ Tomato sauce) 

8 Chickens (25-30 People)

2 Large shallow trays (Rice, Potatoes, French Fries or Penne w/ Tomato sauce) 

10 Chickens (30-40 People)

2 Large deep trays (Rice, Potatoes, French Fries or Penne w/ Tomato sauce) 

13 Chickens (40-50 People)

2 X-Large trays (Rice, Potatoes, French Fries or Penne w/ Tomato sauce)


Take out menu

Galina's Appetizers

Patties | Rissois


Cod/Shrimp/Tuna and Chicken and Sausage

Calamari Rings


Breaded Shrimp 


Portuguese Sausage Hot / Mild



Bifana (Pork Cutlet)


Peito de Galinha (Chicken Breast Cutlet)


Prego  ( Steak Cutlet )




Add a side to your sandwich 




Salads (Saladas)





Garden  / Caeser















Fresh Vegetables








Whole BBQ or Rotisserie Chicken


Half BBQ or Rotisserie Chicken


Fillet-O-Fish Dinner

1 Fillet Dinner ( Any 2 Sides)


2 Fillet Dinner ( Any 2 Sides)


Chicken Combos

Half Chicken Dinner( Any 2 Sides)


Quarter White Chicken Dinner( Any 2 Sides)


Quarter Dark Chicken Dinner( Any 2 Sides)


    2 Grilled chicken cutlet Dinner (Any 2 Sides)


One Whole Family Chicken Dinner


Two Whole Family Chicken Dinner



(Family Specials does not include greek salad or Vegetables)

Prices are subject to change due to Market Prices

HST Not Included

For delicious meals!​​​